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Brightlink Electrical is specialized in providing in LED lighting products for the living environment.
We offer various range of LED lighting products for architectural, buildings, offices, residences,
showcases, showrooms, water features and fountains.

Come visit our showrooms for our unique collection of lighting designs. Our prices are guaranteed to be affordable. 

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Yearly Power Consumption 365 Days x 10 Hrs x 0.018 kW = 65.7 kW 365 Days x 10 Hrs x 0.068 kW = 248.2 kW
Annual Utilities Savings 65.7 kW x $0.26/kW = $17.08/yr 248.2 kW x $0.26/kW = $64.53/yr
Lifespan Up to 50000 hours 3000 hours

The key strength of LED lighting is reduced power consumption. When designed properly, an LED circuit will approach 80% efficiency, which means 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light energy.

1. High Efficiency & Energy Saving
LED lights could save up to 60% electrical energy compared to traditional incandescent options. The savings is pretty substantial when it comes to utility bills.

2. Longlasting Lifespan
Most incandescent light bulbs blow out within a year and require replacements whereas LED light bulbs can be used easily for a decade without burning out.

3. Safety Light Rays
LED light rays are free of UV and infra light, without any danger of radiation.

4. Environmental Friendly
LED (Light-emitting diodes) lights are an eco-friendly lighting choice. They do not contain hazardous substances like mercury and lead that are dangerous to your health and to the planet.

5. Protects Eyesight
LED lights do not flicker as constantly as conventional lights.

6. High Light Illumination
80% of the light rays are converted to visible light.

7. Reliable and Safe
LED lights are suitable for outdoors and hazardous environment due to its low heat emission and low current consumption.

8. Prevention against Pests
Unlink conventional lights, LED lights does not attract flies, bugs, etc to the light source. Keeping the place/room clean.

9. Low Maintenance
Most conventional lights require maintenance within a couple of months, however the longer life span in LED lights would mean less frequent maintenance.

1. 高效节能: 发光效果相同的情况下, LED灯比传统的日光灯节能 60%, 可以有效节省 电费支出;
2. 超长寿命: LED灯采用半导体芯片发光, 无灯丝, 无玻璃泡, 不怕震动, 不易破碎, 使 用寿命可达30,000小时以上;
3. 光线健康: LED灯光线中不含紫外线和红外线, 不产生辐射;
4. 绿色环保: LED灯不含汞和氙等有害元素,利于回收, 而且不会产生电磁干扰;
5. 保护视力: LED灯颗柆采用直流驱动, 无频闪;
6. 光效率高: LED灯发热小, 80%旳电能转化为可见光;
7. 安全系数高: LED灯所需电压, 电流较小, 发热小, 不产生安全隐患, 适用于矿场等危 险场所;
8. 防蚊虫: LED灯由于没有紫外线, 不会像传统日光灯一样吸引蚊虫, 从而有利于维 护室内清洁;
9. 用着省心: 普通日光灯几个月就会衰减, 需要更换, 从而带来很大不便; LED灯由于 寿命超长, 从而节省了大量的维修费